Copyright of Softonic International S.A. 1997-2015.

Copyright of Softonic International S.A. 1997-2015.

Today Laurie Fernandez and myself made a small digital video using Mozilla’s  Popcorn-Maker.  The topic that we used was ‘eLearning’.  eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a classroom.

We first talked about what is eLearnng and how have the classrooms and teaching methods changes over the years.

To make our video, we first needed to find media on the internet.  We found some classroom pictures of the past showing the ‘old’ style old classrooms and the teaching methods. We then progressed through the years to current day eLearning where students can learn anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

The video we used was found on Vimeo.  It is called After School by Keisuke Itoh.  We looked for images using the Creative Commons site and choose to look for images that were free to use.  The sound file was found on Sound Cloud.  It is called Zoella Background Music.

Once we found the media, we pulled it into Popcorn-Maker and then we dragged it to the timeline of the video.  Next, we tried to edit the timeline to make the video run smoothly.

We found this program a difficult program to use. I believe that there more user friendly programs on the market that allow for easy accessibility to formatting digital media. If I was going to use this program I would only use this with upper primary students. I can see a lot of frustrations involved with Popcorn-Maker.

Our Popcorn-Maker Movie.


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