Professional Learning Networks

Professional learning networks.

Professional Learning Networks. Created using Popplet –

My Professional Learning Networks are important to me personally and professionally. These are the people and the networks that I connect with to seek advice, clarification, support, guidance, ‘down time’ or just some good humour. Depending on the support or guidance that I require, this will then determine the direction that I will take in these learning networks. These are important to me especially in my role as principal. At some stage most of these connections will interconnect even though I have placed them separately within the diagram.

Having Professional Learning Networks are important to me as a Principal because there are some issues that I deal with on a daily basis that I am not allowed to talk to family, friends and fellow staff members. By having these networks it allows me to the ability to seek advice or research a particular answer to a problem.

By creating this diagram on Popplet, it allows me to plot out and see my Professional Learning Networks. By doing this it allows me to actually see that I am surrounded by a number of learning networks, especially as the role of the principal can be viewed somewhat as a lonely position. I also note that this diagram is by no means complete.


One thought on “Professional Learning Networks

  1. I love the way you explain how you reach out to your personal learning network (PLN). It is so critical that we recognize our PLN’s are not just for professional support in our specific role we play, but they can transform and be utilized for our specific needs. You are absolutely right about the interconnectedness of all the branches of a PLN as well. I find that mine connects in ways I could never imagine. I love that it does, especially when I am able to reach out to multiple people to find varied advice when I am dealing with a difficult problem. I, like you, will always be adding to my network and hope that I can continue to reach out in meaningful ways!


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