Maker Faire Lesson Plan 1.0

Part 1: Introduction to Making Stuff Quickfire Activity

Today in class we were placed I groups of 2 or 3. The other two participants I had in my group were Becky and Hayley. We then had 1.5 hours to create a ‘inquiry’ based lesson for a class of students based upon a set of random thrifted materials AND a maker kit. This lesson using these  resources had to teach a key idea of relevance to a content area. We had to brainstorm ideas, develop a lesson plan, present this lesson plan to the class and receive feedback on our lesson and plan. This activity is designed to get us thinking about curricular connections to Making as pedagogy. We had to put the content before the technology!  Which is an ongoing debate about the importance of content knowledge versus technology knowledge. Which is more important?

Initially as a group we found this quite difficult but after some guidance we decided to use the Squishy Maker Kit and adapt it to Year 1 lesson on addition. We as a group decided to create a board game using the Squishy Maker Kit. As the students progressed around the board they would be given a card with an addition problem on it. They would then say the answer (verbally) and then place the electrode to their answer. If the light shines on, their answer is correct. If the light does not shine, their answer is incorrect.

Quickfire Lesson Plan Version 1.0



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